Coming soon The Wedding

Coming soon The Wedding
Bayou Bloom

Who is your Favorite Heroine

Monday, July 2, 2012

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Margaret/Louisiana Iris

     Her whole life Margaret knew she was going to marry Jasper. The trouble was convincing him of this fact. No longer the gangly spying child he once knew Margaret was determined to show Jasper that she was a woman. Even more than that the woman for him. Now if she could just get him to agree to a wedding.

Amelia/The Magnolia

    If someone asked her to give her right arm to get away from her Aunt Lorraine Amelia was sure she would do it. Trying to breath and live under the woman's rule was near impossible. And now that Jacob a man twice her age has set his mind on making Amelia his and Lorraine  could not be happier Amelia is sure that one day soon she would need to break free. Still for now all she could do was plan for an escape or perhaps just maybe she just might get rescued.

Jessie/The Wildflower

    No one told Jessie what to do and that went for Anthony Wilson as well! So when the man told her to stay in the house and he'd be back for her of course she had to follow him. What she found him doing in the backwoods was more than surprising. She'd never have guessed she would have fallen for a bayou bandit.

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