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Coming soon The Wedding
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Tale of A Book and Three Covers

      When I first started writing Rescued I never once dreamed I would publish it. It was just something I was doing for my friends and finished for a great man who is no longer with us. He would always say, "You better finish that book June." June is my nickname for those who don't know. He would also say. "The day you finish this book I probably will be dead." How sad it is that this is true.
       Rescued holds a special place in my heart because I finished it for a good friend, my brother in law Kamal Moore, he passed away in 2002. I needed to finish it for him and I'm glad I finally did. The thing about it was however, once it was completed, it sat for awhile. How could I put it out there, what if people hated it? I asked myself this question up until several months ago when I decided to take a leap and just do it! I know he would be proud. I doesn't matter if it's a great success.
       Of course there is a but in there right. Yeah there is, all that being said, I wanted something that would look great on the outside and the inside and that journey has been a headache but well worth it! Formatting, editing all aside it was the COVERS THAT DROVE ME CRAZY!!!! It was so hard to have what I envisioned put into art.
Cover 1
      The cover for Flowers of the Bayou wasn't so bad to be truthful but Rescued was crazy. I spent over nine months and a lot of money of covers. Before I found the right woman for the job. Dawn was a miracle worker and below you will see why. She took what I described to her and made it come to life in a wonderful portrait. Now while some of the covers are not bad they just weren't for Rescued. Take a look and tell me what you think. Did I make the right decision?

Cover 2 HMMMM
Cover 3 I love this just not for the cover I still use it.

Cover 4 Love it just not for Rescued

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