Coming soon The Wedding

Coming soon The Wedding
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Amazon Remittance Madness

Truly this is most perplexing,vexing and ridiculous. The story starts back in August when I was to receive my first payment from Amazon, it wasn't much but hey I was proud of it and planned on getting myself a nice Starbucks coffee. VENTI! I received the remittance letting me know that I was to receive the payment through direct deposit and waited ever so patiently. It never arrived. I figured hey maybe I missed it or spent it unwittingly after all as I mentioned before it was a very modest amount. Lets now fast forward to the month of Sept when a large chunk of change was coming my way. I wouldn't miss this one. Upon not receiving it I emailed Amazon as even though they are a large company they do not offer phone support for there KDP authors. A woman contacts me two day later to inform me that the funds had been deposited. How can this be? Confused I contacted my bank. They didn't see a deposit. Even more flustered I email my lovely KDP contact once again and she asks me to check my account info. The info is correct. I report back to her my findings. She does research on her end and finds that somehow the last two numbers had been transposed during processing! I needed to contact my bank to have them transfer the funds internally . Okay done and done. I ask my KDP contact will this be a issue in the future. NO was my response just go back into my account settings and save said info again so that it can be updated properly and the next remittance would be deposited into my account correctly. Again done and done and also I sent a update email to myself as it is an option. Moving forward to mid month KDP UK payment remittance arrives. I check account NOPE routed to incorrect account again! Are you serious. I contact bank they move funds but warn that this will be the last time unless they receive a indemnity letter. Okay understandable. I contact KDP ask them what do I need to do to have them put money into correct account. The response "At this time all we can suggest is that you have your banking institution transfer the funds internally or reject them." ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Didn't you update it already. DIDN'T I TWICE! So deposit day comes 10/30/12 and you know what, over a thousand dollars deposited into the wrong account. So now I must wait as they research the problem. GIVE ME MY INDEMNITY LETTER SO I CAN MOVE ON. Thank you so much KDP. END OF RANT!