Coming soon The Wedding

Coming soon The Wedding
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I decided I wanted to do a contest because I'm so excited about finally getting this blog up and setting a date for my novel Rescued. I've set a date of 7/25/12 as the release. So in honor of this achievement here we go a short and sweet contest!

Calling on all Historical Romance Writers and IR Romance writers!

Contests rules:
1. Submit a short 300 word account of what moment or event inspired you to want to write!
2. Your favorite Author and why
3. What you wish to achieve as an author.

The Prize $25 dollar Amazon gift card and feat on blog.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting Past Yourself

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have written numerous short stories and novels for a long time, however at first I found it very hard to find the courage to actually let others read my work for a long time. I’ve only recently come out of that funk and I’m glad of it because now I can share my stories with everyone and it’s more fun! I guess the point is you have to put yourself out there sometimes and even though it might not be everyone cup of tea at least you tried. You might even like what you find once you do!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Favorite Book Of All Time

Must Read
This will be short I promise. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Have you ever read a book and it just made you want to write yourself? That’s what Judith McNaughts Once and Always did for me. Its a beautiful book that makes you want to laugh and cry and is just overall wonderful.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Refining your work.

So I know I'm not the only one who's done this. You've written down what you want to say and it's perfect and your proud. You get ready to publish or I dunno may give to someone this work and give it one last once over and it's riddled with mistakes you just somehow missed to your disbelief. I find that it's hard to correct one's own work. How can you really you know the words that are going to jump of the page before you complete the sentence. Sure I know some probably can but for me I find it daunting. Now that I've complete my first novel or should I say complete my first draft all I do is read and re-read and find mistakes in grammar. Its exhausting. Basically as I said before, at least in my case is darn near impossible so I came up with some times that I am going to follow feel free to try them out and let me know if they worked for you, but be warned they are pretty obvious tips :) 

Here are some tips I learned:
1. Don’t be to critical the more you read the more you change things, and not always for the best.

2. It’s okay to take a break and breath when weary.

3. This is most important, if you can get your hands on a good editor do so :) I’m excited to be working with you Mrs. Hamm.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today I just felt like sharing my top 5 movies go figure! They are all unique in there pairings or strong message.
I’m going classic with this list.
1. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner ( Original)
2. Imitation Of Life
3. Island In The Sun
4. West Side Story
5. Sayonara

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So here it is my first post! I'm new at blogging and though I might not become a great success I'm happy to have the opportunity to share myself, my likes, and dislikes and of course my passion which is writing with others. So I thought I would begin with explaining how writing became so much of a staple in my life. Well its simple through reading. As a child that's all I did and as I grew from a child to a teenage and into adulthood this fact remained the same. I could not begin to tell you how many books I've read but what I can tell  you is that I intend to keep adding to the number! Okay so let me get back on track, because I read of course this can lead to writing, which it did in my case. I am and always will be a sucker for romance so that's the genre I delved into. As an  African American there is not much historical romance that is geared towards us or anyone else who might be interested in reading such material. I think this needs to change. I love historical romance. So that's what I write. My first novel which I hope to indie pub by July 25th is just that but with  a twist and i'll get into that another day. So there it is my fist blog I hope to share so much more!